Celine Lamour

Celine Lamour - Image and Style Expert in Hong Kong

Celine Lamour is a certified Image Consultant and the Founder of My French Elegance Ltd. She has been working in the Fashion industry for over fifteen years now. Celine loves styling her clients for both professional and private environments with a certain 'French Touch.' As a passionate Style guru and a Hong Kong-based female entrepreneur, her interviews have been featured in several French and English magazines such as Macau Lifestyle, Asia Entrepreneur just to name a few! Special mention to the most recent addition to that of Localiiz Facebook group

Personal Background

Born and raised in France, I grew up amongst women learning about French chic and elegance from a young age.


This first-hand education and practice gave me the perfect essential foundation for expertise in French chic.


I remain passionate about it to this day.

The Inception of my new passion

Living in Asia for many years prompted me to realize my passion whilst I was in Beijing.


I joined a curated boutique which show-cased and fostered some of the most talented contemporary brands and labels from China and abroad. A holistic project that mixed design, fashion, decoration and furnishings products.


Since then, whilst in Hong Kong, I oversaw the development of a reputed brand specializing in cashmere products. My clients sought out my expertise, French Style tips, and advice on how best to wear the pieces.

Jill Cavalli, creator of the Label The Force of the Image is a makeover agency in Paris
The Catalyst for "My French Elegance"

Convinced of the scope of self-image both at a personal and professional level, I trained at the prestigious Institute "La force de l'image - Jill Cavalli" and "ESR - Ecole Supérieure de Relooking" in Paris, an inspirational and insightful experience which gave me the impetus I needed to establish ‘My French Elegance’ here in Hong Kong to cater to individual and corporate styling needs.

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What French Elegance means

To me, true French Elegance is an art, an expertise, and knowledge.


It is about capturing fashion in your own way and keeping a distance from it.

The French Touch, it's timeless, simple and effortless style, with chic and elegance.

Why is Image Consulting so important

People are quick to make assumptions based on your facial expressions, the clothes you wear, how well-groomed you are and your body language. Nonverbal communication represents 93% of all communication (body language, physical appearance...). 


Image consulting by My French Elegance is a bespoke service which is tailored to your personal and professional needs by enhancing your image, your look, your clothing style based on your personality, your taste, your morphology and lifestyle requirements.

Your appearance is a reflection of your self-esteem and our image consulting services can help you maximize your options and connect with who you really are.


Together we enhance your assets, let's reveal the best of yourself.

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