My French Elegance - Styling Services

Personal Shopping Elegance

We will guide you to half a day shopping, during which you will get style and fashion advice to help you to create a new silhouette all in harmony with your personality, the impression you would like to portray, your body, your goals and your budget. 


You will learn the basic principles of cuts, colors, and forms that bring out the best of your personal traits and identity. 


We will help you select new outfits which will form the basis of your new wardrobe while taking into account key points: practicality, versatility, but above all elegance and simplicity, the French style.



4 hours - HKD 4800*


Additional hour for HKD 1000

*Shopping fees not included


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Wardrobe Detox Elegance

We will assess your apparel collection, accessories, footwear as well as your lifestyle requirements. Together, we will create new and effortless looks for you based on our styling expertise and your everyday needs.



We will also advise you on tips on how to enhance your silhouette based on season, your complexion, your body shape, your personal and professional requirements, your personality, your taste and your expectations.


You will learn through our styling guidance, on 'how to shop in your own closet', mix and match pieces that you already own, reconsider neglected clothes, discover treasures, accessorize your outfits and come up with completely new looks using your own clothes.

Colour analysis - Body type analysis - Wardrobe detox                                              

4 hours - HKD 6200

Additional hour for HKD 1000


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Style Makeover Elegance

Select this styling package for yourself to bring about a harmonious styling and image makeover. 


In today's competitive world, there is a growing need for cutting-edge image branding in both professional and personal life. In this styling session, we will perform an in-depth assessment of your goals, your personality, best-suited colors for your image, your style preferences and more!


With the help of our Styling and Image assessment, you will learn to accentuate your silhouette and take advantage of your body's characteristics with elegance.


We will also help you choose and master the latest style trends as per your personality, goals and lifestyle requirements with a little 'French Touch' keeping in mind the utmost style and comfort.


As a bonus step, we will take you on a personal shopping (plan a shopping budget – but no obligation to buy) wherein we will select apparel pieces and outfits that will bring out your best assets and personality. 


Colour analysis - Body type analysis - Wardrobe Detox - Personal Shopping    


1.5 day - HKD 9500*

Additional hour for HKD 1000

*Shopping fees not included


Styling Workshop


The styling session takes the form of an intimate showing you which "season" you are and which colors enlighten you, which cut of clothing fits you and some great style tips to be the best of yourself. 


Casual Group: Invite your friends to join this style session wherever you want and enjoy professional style advice in a warm and friendly atmosphere. 



Work Environment: Our company-focused style workshops are a great way to encourage team bonding and self-esteem in the workplace. Within the office environment in mind, we will show you how to look stylish in a very elegant and dynamic manner and showcase your true personality while respecting the spirit and the image of the company.


90mn - HKD 350/pers*

*minimum 5 people per session


A la Carte

Contrary to what fashion trends seem to look like, styling is a unique way of expression of every individual. At My French Elegance, we get into the depth of your personal image requirements and then begin your style journey on fashion, budget, practicality and image enhancement. 


Whether you have a fashion conundrum, a wedding to attend, want to do tourist shopping, boutique shopping, cleanse your wardrobe, or seasonal shopping Celine Lamour will help you find a solution for all kinds of Personal shopping and Style consultation requirements.


Let us understand your wardrobe and lifestyle needs and we will design a custom-made package for you including Color Analysis, Body Analysis, and more styling services.