Personal Branding:


During this interview we will define together your needs and your expectations in relation to your image, and explain the process of an image consulting session. It is an essential basis for understanding how to combine the projected image (self-image), the image received (the image that others perceive of us) and the desired image (the one we would like to project).


Colour Analysis: 


The effects of colour are powerful. And colour is the first thing someone notices about you. Colour affects our mood, our perceived body shape, our perceived age and the overall impression we make on others.

Wearing your best range of colours will make you look younger, healthier, slimmer, brighter, vibrant and energetic. While wearing unflattering colours can make you look older, heavier, ill, tired and dull. 

The colour analysis aims to discover the hues that highlight you. Everyone can wear blue, green, red, yellow ... and some shades are more in harmony with the color of your complexion, your eyes and your hair.

Thanks to the draping you will be able to define by yourself to which season you belong to (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) and then what colours (warm or cold) illuminate your face.


Body shape analysis:


Each "body" is different. The clothes are created for different personalities and therefore different silhouettes. Understanding the proportions of your body is the key to selecting the cuts of clothing that fit you perfectly and actually put you in highlight. The study of your body shape will allow you to highlight your silhouette based on its characteristics. You'll know what cuts of clothing will highlight your assets and rebalance your silhouette, to bring out your strengths, while respecting your own choices and style of clothing.


Style lesson:


It is not easy to find and develop your own style, and the advice of a professional can be valuable.We will help you diagnose your style of clothing that enhances you, that is, the one that best fits your personality. We will also look for the most relevant style based on your age and job responsibilities, the one that gives you the most confidence in you and keeps it in all circumstances.

Your image consultant will help you look at style books, trends and with her advice, you will find your own fashion style according to your personality, your lifestyle, your goals and will bring out a new 'YOU.'

Wardrobe Detox:



Despite a full closet, you feel like you have nothing to wear? Or despite the amount of clothing, you do not really know how to mix and match them? So, it's time to take focus in your wardrobe!

First, keep in mind that what matters is quality, not quantity. Together, we will select the clothes and accessories that suit you and that are in line with your lifestyle (work, hobbies, etc.).

The purpose of sorting is to find the pieces to throw away, donate, recycle and keep.

If a garment does not show you off, it's better to separate it. The good news is that sometimes good surprises come - we find in the bottom of the closets old clothes forgotten and yet current and trendy!

With the remaining clothes, we will be able to create new trendy outfits. 

The wardrobe detox will be useful to determine the clothes you miss to have a complete wardrobe for every day and for all occasions.


Personal shopping:


Your personal shopper will come with you to the pre-selected shops. This allows you to reduce your time and the stress of fitting. You will be sure to make the right choices and buy efficiently because you will have defined your needs, objectives, and budget in advance. You will be advised on a selection of clothes suiting your type: tones, body shape, goals and your new style (plan a shopping budget – but no obligation to buy)


Styling Workshop: 


We offer styling workshops that you can attend with your friends, sisters or cousins! These workshops will be an opportunity to spend a very friendly moment between girls but also a very original gift for one of them.

These workshops are aimed at individuals and professionals.

At these workshops, through a presentation, you will be able to define the colors that enhance your complexion, your eyes, your hair ... and the cuts of clothing that perfectly fits your silhouette. You will not have any more doubts during your next shopping and you will go towards the colors and garments which will sublimate you.