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My French Elegance

Men's Instant Shopping Session

HKD 5200*

Let's go shopping! 

If you hate shopping and want a quick and efficient solution without giving any thought to planning it out then you have landed on the perfect space. 

This personal shopping for men session with our style consultant Celine Lamour is for those guys who do not want to spend much time over shopping and yet come back home with several efficient pieces of clothing. Whether you need a new capsule wardrobe due to a change of lifestyle or you need a few sets of outfits for a special event, shopping with Celine, would be effortless as well as rewarding. 

-  Instant Shopping - instant results!

-  Shopping done in one area or district in Hong Kong in order to save time

-  Efficiently guided by an experienced style expert

-  Tread out of your comfort zone confidently and be surprised

-  No pressure to buy


We provide practical and bespoke style solutions for all your lifestyle requirements!

 *Men - 3hr Instant Personal Shopping session includes:

  • Personal Shopping Requirement Client Interview

  • Introduction Personal Style Questionnaire

  • Research and Curation based on personal style

  • 3 hours of shopping accompaniment with our style expert Celine Lamour

  • Some tips to mix and match the newly bought pieces of clothing


Cost: HKD 5200 (Shopping fee is not included)

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