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Men's Shopping Elegance Package

HKD 8600*

As men, avoiding shopping for an important meeting or an event until the last minute is indeed a very familiar scenario. When you do buy menswear in a hurry, you often land with inappropriate or boring attire that you end up wearing over and over again.


What would it be like to actually avoid the whole conundrum and invest in something that fits handsomely on your personality and sets you apart from other men?


This is where My French Elegance's Personal Shopping experience comes in handy.


Our well-experienced style expert and Image Consultant, Celine Lamour will assess your requirements based on your answers in our questionnaire, research styles, patterns, and retail stores on your behalf and understand your personality and shopping needs.


On the day of shopping, she will explain your season and body type and ask you to try on a selection of pre-sorted outfits that would precisely serve your official and unofficial purposes and make you look your best whenever you wear them.



We provide practical and bespoke style solutions for all your lifestyle requirements!

 *Men - Shopping Elegance package includes:


  • A discovery report

  • A morphological study of your body and color palette

  • 3 hours of shopping accompaniment

  • A report will be given at the end of the service to accompany you every day in your new image.


Cost: HKD 8600 (Shopping fees is not included)

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