Personal Shopping Elegance

Our Image Consultant, Celine Lamour, will first connect with you via email and request you to meet for a short interview that will help her understand your shopping needs. We will also share a Style questionnaire with you that will analyze your personal style.


 Our style expert will then request a suitable date of appointment for the personal shopping session with you.


On that day, she will guide you to half a day of exploring options and shopping, you will also get fashion advice to help you to create a new collection of apparel in harmony with your personality, your image, your body structure, your color palette, your goals, and your budget. 


You will learn the basic principles of cuts, colors, and forms that bring out the best of your personal traits and identity. 


We will help you select new outfits that will form the basis of your new wardrobe while taking into account key points: practicality, versatility, but above all elegance and simplicity, the French style.

- 4h Shopping Elegance: HKD 7.800

Women Personal Shopping Elegance Package includes:

  • Introduction Personal Style Questionnaire

  • Colour Analysis -and Identification including examples

  • Body type Analysis and discovery

  • Personal Shopping Requirement Client Interview

  • Research and Curation based on personal style

  • 4 hours - Personal Shopping*

  • Additional Styling Tips for the purchased items

  • Personal Styling Report

(*Shopping fees not included)



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