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Coolest Spring-Summer 2021 trends

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If you are excited about the spring summer 2021 fashion trends you have landed at the right place!

You would find a few pieces that trended the last year’s Spring season before the Fall took them away. Stay excited because there are some new fashion trends to spice up our summer!

The Spring - Summer 2021 fashion will bring together pop colors, mixtures of styles, fluid and light materials, long dresses, ruffles, wicker baskets, floral prints. The collection depicts a dreamy vacation. Bohemian, romantic with a dash of sporty attitude, the Spring - Summer 2021 fashion collection is likely to seduce you

Here you will find all the spring summer 2021 fashion trends, the essential fashion pieces of the season but also the colors, the prints or the materials to adopt.

• Volume

This season, again, balloon sleeves are everywhere on summer blouses, dresses and cardigans. They are so unanimous that they have infiltrated the jeans family. Result? There are models of Balloon Jeans that you are sure to love. Overall, the volume is invited in the fashion collections of the summer. The cuts are oversized, the clothes are loose. The key is to ensure the right mix.

Volume From left to right: Loewe – Louis Vuitton – Prada – Stella McCartney – Tod’s - Chanel

• The crop top

The crop top trend comes back without ever really having left. If we don't play the volume card, we play the ultra-short card. Even if it means revealing the navel. Mesh bras or fitted cardigans are this season's fashion essentials.

Crop Top From left to right: Chanel – Giambasttista Valli – Isabel Marant – Jacquemus – Louis Vuitton – Christopher Esber

• The blazer

If only one fashionable piece had to be chosen, it would be this one. The blazer is The jacket for summer. It can be worn over a dress, over a bra, simply with a belt. It brings a sophisticated touch to a street or sportswear look.

Blazer From left to right: Acne Studio – Alexander McQueen – Brandon Maxwell – Celine – Giorgio Armani – Paco Rabanne

• The coordinated suit (set)

This summer, your life will likely be simplified. Just wear coordinated top and bottom and take away the often-tiresome decision-making game that you have to play every day. A blazer with pants, a bra with Bermuda shorts, a cardigan and a top, in the shelves, you will find fashionable pieces that go in pairs. Simplicity and efficiency at their best.

Pink From left to right: Alexander McQueen – Chanel – Chloe – Isabel Marant – Patou - Valentino

• Pink

After purple, make way for pink. It's THE color of the season. The fashion collections this year of 2021, use all shades of pink. There will be cherry, peach, raspberry, and even candy pink.

• Pastel

From powdery pink to almond green, via lilac, faded tones will be everywhere. These sorbet-inspired colors are the perfect option for summer and they suit a wide variety of skin tones.

Pale yellow is also doing well this season, and is part of all summer trends. Instant illuminating effect!

Purple, in all its variations, is the ubiquitous color for the beautiful season. With its soft and light shades, the favorite color of fashionistas

• Natural

This season, there's a return to minimalism. For the color palettes, there is also a lot of white, beige, powdery or even terracotta. All season long, you can wear clean colors and natural materials such as linen or cotton.

And then, for those who prefer vibrant colors, red and bright yellow will also be there. Pop shades that can be found on women's clothing as well as on spring summer shoes.

A few iridescent shades such as silver, copper or gold could also intermingle with summer fashion pieces such as dresses, shoes, jackets or even spring summer bags.

• Flowers

The flower is everywhere! Be it maxi, mini, multi or tropical. On pants, on dresses, on mid-season jackets, flower power is the leitmotif of spring summer.

• The stripe

Is there anything more energising than stripes? The striped print is making a comeback this season. It is found on shorts, jackets and light shirts to our limitless delight. The bigger, and the bolder, the better, seems to be the message on the spring runways,

For more trends of Spring Summer 2021, check out the part2

Images courtesy: Vogue

Stay tuned for more such Fashion trends update throughout this year! For a personal consultation, please contact Celine Lamour at My French Elegance

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