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Terrible fashion faux-pas according to a Frenchwoman

Fashion changes every season, so it's not easy under these conditions to list the dos and don’ts. Everything can shift from one day to the next, and the fashion flops of today could well become the musts of tomorrow. Below some things that the French woman simply can’t bring herself to wear.

- A fashion mistake: The shirt that is too tight and lets you see the chest between the buttons.

- What to wear instead: Choose a loose-fitted shirt and do not button too high

- A fashion mistake: A leopard print dress with a vertiginous neckline: a much too sexy look that can quickly fall into the vulgar category

- What to wear instead: Match your leopard print dress with a pair of sneakers for a casual chic style

- A fashion mistake: Leggings are appropriate for staying at home or a workout, but not at all elegant or flattering for an everyday look

- What to wear instead: Find a legging in faux leather to upgrade the style. It will be more elegant!

- A fashion mistake: Transparent pants that lets you see your underwear

- What to wear instead: Under your white pants, wear a nude color tanga or thong

- A fashion mistake: T-shirts with "funny" messages: needless to say, there is no elegance in this kind of clothing!

- What to wear instead: Except if you choose one in a good material and it is not a funny message

- A fashion mistake: T-shirts that are too short: even if they are very trendy, it is never very chic to show your navel, except at the beach!

- What to wear instead: Pair your crop top with some high waisted skirt or pants to avoid the navel show

- A fashion mistake: Avoid the total leather look, you will end up looking like a biker or, on the contrary, it might give you a overdone look

- What to wear instead: Go for either the leather pants or a jacket in leather

- A fashion mistake: The total designer look: do not copy a look from a designer catalog

- What to wear instead: Feel free to take inspiration from any designer look to create your own style by mixing pieces from different brands and price ranges (see below some ideas of mix and match)

- A fashion mistake: The bra with clear straps: it’s totally old fashion and cheap

- What to wear instead: Opt instead for a bra with very pretty straps in the same tones as your outfit, or, if you can afford it, a strapless bra

- A fashion mistake: The mark of the panties under a skirt: nothing more unsightly!

- What to wear instead: Go for a thong or seamless panties

- A fashion mistake: Skin coloured tights: it hides nothing and gives a “granny” look.

- What to wear instead: Choose black tights (minimum 40D) for more elegance

- A fashion mistake: Show too much skin: for example, the mini skirt with a cropped top and wedge sandals

- What to wear instead: You have to make a choice either you opt for a plunged cleavage OR a mini skirt


Some ideas of mixing that match:

  • An evening dress with a wicker basket

  • A tuxedo with sneakers

  • Jeans with jeweled sandals

  • A sequined sweater with men's pants

  • A pencil skirt with ballet shoes

  • A pearl necklace with a rock T-shirt

For more tips please contact Celine Lamour at My French Elegance Ltd.

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