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How to Achieve Sophisticated look with High-Street wear

The trick to create a look of sophistication with a "high-street" wardrobe

Style is not about being opulent and fancy.

Elegance and originality cannot be bought. Today, the well-accepted trend is to mix.

Remember the rules

If you do not want to look like everyone else, avoid buying the items put in the shop window as well as the cheap basic: the jacket with too many zips, the crumpled black pants, the too shiny satin top, the too faded and ripped jeans or the too synthetic tight dress in jersey. Never buy clothing without trying it on first and opt for complementary colors and patterns to match with your high-end clothing.

Betting on staid accessories

What is the secret of these elegant women who dress at Zara, H&M, Mango and Topshop.? They know how to accessorise their "cheap" outfit with a beautiful belt, a beautiful scarf, "creative" shoes ... and you're done

Designer staples elevate a high street outfit

Sometimes you have to invest in timeless designer pieces that will bring allure and modernity to any outfit and provide the illusion of a high-end wardrobe.

Mix and Match

Never create a total look from a single brand! To have style, you must know how to mix designer's piece with a street fashion outfit. This rule is valid for all brands and budgets.

Cheap shoes are never forgiven!

The low-priced leather generally ages badly. During job interviews, the first thing the human resources director will look at is the condition of the nails and the shoes.

You will lose all the elegance of your beautiful dress with stiletto heels. Even if you are not a fan of shoes, it is an accessory that needs to know how to maintain.

Every time it breaks

Avoid wearing things that need professional repair or tailoring

- The label that pokes out the collar or from a scarf

Avoid wearing inappropriate under garments

- The sticker under the sole of the shoes

A sticker on your shoes does not make it new. Always double check and remove it,

- The transparent bra strap

- A too small or too big size

Wearing a size too big would make you look clumsy. A size too small would make you uncomfortable.

Avoid wearing a shirt that is so tight that buttons are popping out

- Unstitched hems

- Ripped tights

Avoid wearing ripped tights. Check carefully before heading out.

For more style tips and fashion hacks contact Celine Lamour at My French Elegance.

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