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How to match colors using Colorimetry

In the earlier part of this blog topic we talked about the method of choosing colors on the chromatic wheel or color wheel. There's a second technique of figuring out the best colors for a person through Colorimetry. Let's try to understand this color theory.


Colorimetry determines a palette of colors that suit your complexion. According to colorimetry theory, the colors of the clothes you wear have a direct effect on the radiance of your complexion, eyes and hair. When the tones of these colors match yours, your features soften and your eyes light up, harmony is created. On the other hand, if the shades are not appropriate to your skin tone, they will give you a bad look, they will make you look more tired than you are, and will accentuate your dark circles and dark circles, wrinkles.

How to determine your best colors using Colorimetry?

This method takes the help of visual effects on a person. In the trained eyes of the Image Consultant (Personal Stylist) the visual differences in terms of the vibrance of the skin tone, the appearance of your eyes etc are very apparent. So for an Image Consultant it is simpler to position you in front of a mirror and place pieces of fabric of different colors next to your face. She then classifies you into a season based on your skin tone, eye color, and hair color. So you will be Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter.

The “Summer” and “Winter” palettes contain colors with cold reflections, based on blue and pink. The Summer glow is gentle. The Winter one is more pure.

Let's look at some examples.

The "Spring" and "Fall" palettes are made up of warm highlights, based on orange and gold. The radiance of Spring is soft and bright, that of Autumn is dense and sometimes dark.

The technique of colorimetry with classification in seasons was developed by Johannes Itten, a Swiss painter in 1928. This technique has experienced a second youth in the 70th with a bestseller “Color me beautiful” (Carole Jackson). Since then, it is still in vogue.

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