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The Blazer - One piece many ways

The women's blazer

Invariably understated and effortlessly classy, ​​the blazer jacket goes hand-in-hand with elegance! Its basic side allows many combinations of outfits. Be it a chic or a casual look, the women's blazer has become the timeless item of your feminine wardrobe!

What is a blazer?

The origin:

Basically a masculine jacket, the blazer has been fully integrated into the feminine wardrobe since the 1920s and the great creative era of Gabrielle Chanel. The term blazer ’comes from the verb ‘to blaze’. Today, its colorful and printed variations make it a staple of your wardrobe.

The blazer has thus become a suit jacket for everyday wear. It dresses you up in the blink of an eye and makes you look very stylish. It structures your torso thanks to its V-shaped closure and goes very well with several types of stockings.

Cuts and materials

The blazer has two cuts:

The fitted cut that marks your waist, about hip length. It is adjusted. It can be short or a little longer (and in the latter case it can also be crossed thanks to four buttons instead of one or two).

The straight cut that gives verticality and lengthens you, with a length reaching down to the tip of the thighs. This is the ultimate suit jacket.

Choose blazer materials from a variety of options, be it wool or cashmere in winter and cotton, silk or linen in summer.

Why is the blazer at the heart of our style?

At the same time timeless, elegant and stylish, the blazer is at the heart of our style because it is an effective all-purpose piece that at the same time holds character. It is also very feminine when well chosen and well worn.

This jacket is a piece that structures our silhouette. Never miss wearing one, you will immediately feel well dressed. It is magic!

The blazer gives a touch of style to any outfit, even the most basic.

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