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The Essence of Styling

Dernière mise à jour : 17 déc. 2020

What is "Style"?

Essentially speaking, having style is to claim who we are. Take into account our strengths, our tastes, our desires ... It is our style that defines us, not the brand of our bag, or the height of our heels, our measurements nor our generation: Style is a sort of statement of assurance that we are comfortable in our own selves.

To have style is sometimes mistaken with the act of copying the wardrobe of one's favorite celeb or of an influencer on Instagram without caring about our tastes or to follow the craze of the moment to the letter (the print seen everywhere, the recommended length, the essential trendy shoe…) without knowing if they correspond to our personality and our morphology. When you lack benchmarks and self-confidence, the game is tempting. The result may be successful or off the mark.

We have to distinguish between Fashion and Style. Fashion is an art, ephemeral certainly, but an art all the same. Style is an envelope.

The style is timeless while the fashion expires as soon as the trend has passed. Style is personal unlike fashion which is worn by almost everyone. A personal style evolves, just add pieces to your collection. Fashion, on the other hand, needs to be constantly renewed: there is always a new trend in which to invest.

There are many ways to shape your personal style. What sets your personal style apart from someone else's, whether it's color, fabric or fit etc ... should always match your personality perfectly.

· Take the time to know who you are by asking yourself the right questions.

· Discover yourself by posing a watchful eye on your figure and your face.

· Do not copy the look of others, your appearance must represent you to assert yourself.

· Adapt your look to each situation!

· Say goodbye to the trends that are often too fleeting, remember that they are there to nourish and renew you.

And this is where you will have that little extra thing that makes you say you have style …. Your style!

Your style is the result of unconscious choices over clothes, accessories, makeup and hairstyle. By understanding the way you are, you will know what suits you and what doesn't, and then you will really enjoy shopping and dressing!

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