• Celine Lamour

The Suited Businessman Style

The Business style is characterised by the omnipresence of the suited attire in everyday life and in all circumstances. He tends to live a high-flying lifestyle and has to juggle between his business, and his private life.

With a lifestyle punctuated by multiple meetings, he finds himself very busy but wants to stay stylish and modern.

Modern and up-to-date - Adopting a dressy suit and tie elegant look while remaining classy and current is an ideal option. The business style is by no means mundane and ordinary-looking. The stylish business man wants to be a pioneer and unique look wise as in all the things he does in his life.

Assertive and Dominant style - He has a leadership temperament and his appearance must convey his personality and his strong dominant nature. He is confident, persevering and gets straight to the point, to achieve all of his goals.

Exclusivity and In-sync - This man knows what he wants, he looks for quality and exclusivity in all the pieces he selects to create his perfect wardrobe. He pays particular attention to the details such as his accessories (ties, cufflinks, watches, belts, socks) so that they are always in perfect harmony with his look.


The Do’s – How to own the business style:

• Select the basic pieces of the professional wardrobe (suits, shirts, shoes)

• Select high quality materials

• Create a look that conveys an entrepreneurial personality

• Add a twist to your outfits with sporty chic accessories

• Make the basic uniforms masculine (a sports watch, a belt, pouch)

• Have an impeccable hair cut and hairstyle

• Always make sure to wear chic, polished shoes!

The Don’ts

• Do not fall for a look too strict and dated

• Don’t wear cheap fabrics that crease and have a mediocre finish

• Don’t wear too long or too short pants

• Don’t leave your dress shirt untucked

• Don’t wear too many colors / too much black

• Don’t wear a visible undershirt

• Don’t wear “fun” socks and ties

The colors

• Neutral colors (white, black, grey, navy, ecru, charcoal, beige, khaki)

• Graphic and discreet prints

The businessman style wardrobe would typically consists of:

• Suit

• Dress jackets

• Formal but modern shirt

• Jeans (for more casual dates)

• Slim/ tapered pants (according to your silhouette)

• Chunky knit sweaters with shawl collar

• Straight coats

• Fine-knit crew-neck sweater

• Neutral T-shirts (for off days)

• Cardigans

• Blazers

• Cashmere sweaters

• Pocket square

• Trench

• Thin ties

• Cashmere scarves

• Derby shoes

• Brogues

• Loafers

• Low boots

• Formal and sport watches

• Cufflinks

• The adapted leather bag

• Sunglasses

• Elegant belts


For more style tips for Men Styling please contact Celine Lamour at My French Elegance Ltd.

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