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THE TOP 15 FASHION TRENDS OF FALL-WINTER 2019-2020 with bonus trends included Part 1 Featuring Print

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Winter Fashion 2019 will be nostalgic and contrasting. On the one hand, a return to the 70s, which refers to two different types of femininity: bohemian and bourgeois. On the other, a form of melancholy for the imposing shoulder span, prominent shoulder span, festive sequins and punk inspirations of the 80s. Thus, we mix the ages and styles by daring the seventies wide leg pants with a sequin jacket eighties, a velvet culotte paired with a blazer, a tartan skirt with an ascot tie blouse and leather pants with a houndstooth coat.

Among the new trends, there is something for everyone: bold prints, colorful pieces and comfortable materials.

What stylish pieces will you adopt? What colors and prints will rage? Here are the fashion trends that will inevitably make us ride through this autumn-winter.

Let's talk about the trendiest prints this season...

What prints to be trendy this fall-winter 2019?

1 - The Animal print

The trend of animal motifs remains at the forefront. Zebra, snake, python ... animal prints are inviting on our mid-season blouses as on our winter coats.

the leopard print is still so trendy! In day or evening dress, on a coat or accessories, it's simple the leopard is everywhere! Zebra, snake ... animal prints are always on the rise!

2 - The Check

The star print of the season is the tile! Prince of Wales, houndstooth, or tartan, XXL version, colorful, black and white: it is available in countless possible configurations. And good news: the checks can be mixed with all styles, whether casual, bohemian, classy or sportswear.

3 - Paisley pattern 70's

The Paisley print is from all the shows. We like it in fluid materials and we adopt it as well with mom jeans as a midi skirt, for a very retro style.

Image Courtesy: All pictures come from Pinterest, Net-a-Porter, Zara, Massimo Dutti, Victoria Beckham, H&M

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