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Valentine's Date Night Look - What Not To Do

Dress, jewellery, lingerie ... which outfit to select for Valentine's Day?

For all the romantic souls out there, planning your Valentine’s day is sure to be somewhat mixed with excitement as well as trepidation. Dressing up for the occasion is indeed a big decision particularly for a day like Valentine.

For a special date like Valentine keep it stylish and simple

A simple low back dress can be very appealing on a special date like Valentine

From the plunging cleavage dress to cringe-worthy jewellery, wearing outlandish jumpsuits or other overalls that are impossible, a non-exhaustive list of “faux-pas” certainly become a necessity to avoid in order to have a lovely time with your special one.

Invariably we wonder what to wear for a romantic dinner, but never what not to. To reduce the anxiety of "overdoing it", we have listed everything that you have to forget in your closet before going on a date.

The jumpsuit and overalls to banish

Avoid wearing jumpsuits on a date

Trendy or sophisticated, these two pieces must be part of your wardrobe. However, we do not recommend them for a first date. They are among the pieces least appreciated by men.

Do not wear overalls on a date night

Avoid regressive jewellery

Do not wear engraved jewellery

Everyone understands that you have butterflies in your stomach on a date as special as a Valentine’s Day and that you are joining your other half. Don't overdo your jewellery proportions by sporting Petit Coeur bracelet and ring adornment or even the J + M engraved one, or their discreet version.

Chuck the Prom Dress

Do not overdo it by wearing a prom dress on a date

Avoid the dress embroidered with sequins and try to keep it classy. We recommend a little black dress, elegant and simple. It should be noted that too short is also undesirable.

Avoid excess display of the skin

Do not wear plunging neckline on a too short dress

We can never repeat it enough, everything is in the suggestion. A shoulder, a halter, legs, a neckline ... you have to choose which of these assets to reveal. It all depends on the plan of your evening, but a half-opened shirt suggesting beautiful lingerie or a slightly loose T-shirt revealing a shoulder will do the trick.

Watch out for drooling lipstick

Do not apply drooling lipstick on a date

Always opt to apply a lipstick that doesn’t transfer or a mattifying base for the lips before applying makeup. The trick? Apply the first layer of red, then remove the excess with a tissue, put a little bit of powder before applying the second layer. The advantage? The pigments will resist the test of kisses longer.

Too much makeup

Too much makeup can be very unappealing to your date

We can never repeat it enough, this is the rule number one of makeup: you have to choose to highlight either the eyes or the mouth. If you decide to work your eyes with eyeshadows, leave your lips nude. And vice versa. If you prefer to wear lipstick, on the eyes, one or two applications of mascara will suffice.

Too much perfume

Do not overwhelm your date with too overpowering perfume

For Valentine's Day evening, play the safe card. Choose the scent you are used to wearing and do not just spray it vigorously. Apply it on the pulse areas: the crook of the elbow, the wrists, and a touch behind the ear ... These are the parts of the body that heat up the most and reveal the fragrance.

Keep it memorable...in the right ways

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