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The women's blazer

Invariably understated and effortlessly classy, ​​the blazer jacket goes hand-in-hand with elegance! Its basic side allows many combinations of outfits. Be it a chic or a casual look, the women's blazer has become the timeless item of your feminine wardrobe!

What is a blazer?

The origin:

Basically a masculine jacket, the blazer has been fully integrated into the feminine wardrobe since the 1920s and the great creative era of Gabrielle Chanel. The term blazer ’comes from the verb ‘to blaze’. Today, its colorful and printed variations make it a staple of your wardrobe.

The blazer has thus become a suit jacket for everyday wear. It dresses you up in the blink of an eye and makes you look very stylish. It structures your torso thanks to its V-shaped closure and goes very well with several types of stockings.

Cuts and materials

The blazer has two cuts:

The fitted cut that marks your waist, about hip length. It is adjusted. It can be short or a little longer (and in the latter case it can also be crossed thanks to four buttons instead of one or two).

The straight cut that gives verticality and lengthens you, with a length reaching down to the tip of the thighs. This is the ultimate suit jacket.

Choose blazer materials from a variety of options, be it wool or cashmere in winter and cotton, silk or linen in summer.

Why is the blazer at the heart of our style?

At the same time timeless, elegant and stylish, the blazer is at the heart of our style because it is an effective all-purpose piece that at the same time holds character. It is also very feminine when well chosen and well worn.

This jacket is a piece that structures our silhouette. Never miss wearing one, you will immediately feel well dressed. It is magic!

The blazer gives a touch of style to any outfit, even the most basic.

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What is "Style"?

Essentially speaking, having style is to claim who we are. Take into account our strengths, our tastes, our desires ... It is our style that defines us, not the brand of our bag, or the height of our heels, our measurements nor our generation: Style is a sort of statement of assurance that we are comfortable in our own selves.

To have style is sometimes mistaken with the act of copying the wardrobe of one's favorite celeb or of an influencer on Instagram without caring about our tastes or to follow the craze of the moment to the letter (the print seen everywhere, the recommended length, the essential trendy shoe…) without knowing if they correspond to our personality and our morphology. When you lack benchmarks and self-confidence, the game is tempting. The result may be successful or off the mark.

We have to distinguish between Fashion and Style. Fashion is an art, ephemeral certainly, but an art all the same. Style is an envelope.

The style is timeless while the fashion expires as soon as the trend has passed. Style is personal unlike fashion which is worn by almost everyone. A personal style evolves, just add pieces to your collection. Fashion, on the other hand, needs to be constantly renewed: there is always a new trend in which to invest.

There are many ways to shape your personal style. What sets your personal style apart from someone else's, whether it's color, fabric or fit etc ... should always match your personality perfectly.

· Take the time to know who you are by asking yourself the right questions.

· Discover yourself by posing a watchful eye on your figure and your face.

· Do not copy the look of others, your appearance must represent you to assert yourself.

· Adapt your look to each situation!

· Say goodbye to the trends that are often too fleeting, remember that they are there to nourish and renew you.

And this is where you will have that little extra thing that makes you say you have style …. Your style!

Your style is the result of unconscious choices over clothes, accessories, makeup and hairstyle. By understanding the way you are, you will know what suits you and what doesn't, and then you will really enjoy shopping and dressing!

  • Celine Lamour

What is the French Style, the French Touch, that defines French fashion?

Elements of answer in 6 lessons of "French style". An undisputed blend of elegance and nonchalance, how to define French fashion? Answer in 6 style lessons - to follow, or not.

1. THE RIGHT MIX - The Frenchwoman is not the type to follow trends to the letter. She is inspired by it - a lot -, sometimes falling for an exceptional piece, but her genre is more about timeless mixes.

As she believes so strongly, major trends make fashion but not style! She unabashedly mixes H&M and Chanel and that's what makes her unique.

2. NATURAL ELEGANCE - The French style is often defined as elegant and understated. Understand: the French never does too much. Naturally elegant, she still has the perfect little pea coat, the pretty pair of earrings and the deceptively messy lock of hair that is her charm. The Frenchwoman is annoying because it always looks like she hasn't done anything to be so chic.

3. BLACK IS THE NEW BLACK - The Frenchwoman doesn't really like eccentricity. Going to work in 12 inch heels, wearing garish colors and fuchsia pink varnish, is too much for her. Her walk-in closet is mainly made of black, gray, navy blue or beige. A little lacking in daring, perhaps, the French style?

4. A FREE WOMAN - The Frenchwoman can pretend she hasn't spent 40 minutes in front of her dressing room and that much time in front of the mirror before going out for a drink. Light makeup, deceptively neglected hair, chic but relaxed outfit, sometimes nothing, just a little red on the lips, the French woman feels free to make believe that she has done nothing to to be as she is, naturally beautiful.

5. THE QUEEN OF LAYERING - The Frenchwoman is the queen of layering. It's kind of his "I have nothing to wear so I put on whatever I can get hold of". But of course, whatever comes to her hand is always tasteful and the nude cardigan she grabbed on the fly goes oddly well with the gray sweater she just put on, as if by chance.

6. THE TOMBOY - The Frenchwoman likes to pinch pieces from the men's wardrobe. When she doesn't know what to put on, she goes to her man's locker room to steal a sweater or a shirt. Sometimes she even goes shopping directly in her department! She always adds a pretty necklace full of rhinestones around her neck and hop, neither seen nor known, she creates a feminine / masculine look of the most efficient - and comfortable!

- The fashion piece that betrays the French style: the sailor top

- The icons of French fashion: Inès de La Fressange, Jeanne Damas, Caroline de Maigret, Emmanuelle Alt, Lou Doillon, Mademoiselle Agnès, Carine Roitfeld ...

- The designers who make French fashion: Chanel, Dior, Lanvin, Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier, Carven, Cedric Charlier, Castelbajac, Céline, Jacquemus ...

Sophistication, Simplicity and Style are the 3 words that come to mind when thinking of the Parisian style.

Here are some tips to have the Parisian Style:

1- The Parisian makes tons of effort to appear as natural as possible

2- She knows how to shift her clothes

3- She invests in beautiful timeless

4- And she remains in fairly neutral colors with a few small touches of color

That's why this style never goes out of style. It is timeless and chic.

Ines de la Fressange

Carine Roitfeld

Caroline de Maigret

Emmanuelle Alt

Jeanne Damas

Mademoiselle Agnes

Lou Doillon

Camille Charriere

The whole world is fascinated by the Parisian style ... It is mesmerising!

But what are the secrets of the Parisian to have a style so envied?

Here are some tips!

First of all, the Parisian wants to be beautiful but giving the impression that she has not made efforts ... The beauty of these women is always natural. No tons of makeup!

Second tip: the Parisian always shifts her clothes!

The looks are chic-casual, ie she mixes a sophisticated piece with a more street piece. Or the style is masculine-feminine. It's never first degree, like plunging neckline, mini-skirt, tons of makeup, stilettos ... La Parisienne is the anti-bimbo.

Third tip: the Parisian invests in beautiful timeless ...

The little black dress, the trench coat, the striped top, well cut jeans ...

It gives chic, always!

Fourth trick: the Parisienne remains in neutral colors such as black, white, navy blue, gray ... It brings a few touches of color by the accessories, but it remains discreet.

So, if we recapitulate:

1- The Parisian makes tons of effort to appear as natural as possible

2- she knows how to shift her clothes

3- It invests in beautiful timeless

4- And it remains in fairly neutral colors with a few small touches of color

That's why this style never goes out of style. It is timeless and chic.

Sophistication, Simplicity and Style are the 3 words that come to mind when thinking of the Parisian style.

Parisians love anything that is fitted, great quality and has neutral colors.

The goal is to keep their style effortless, modern and attractive.

Parisians embrace the always-flattering neutral tones. Cream, white, olive, gray, black, navy, brown, beige are popular colors…

Less is more! Parisian women swap glam and glitter with self-confidence ! That means, they stand up tall and flaunt what they’ve got and worry less about their flaws.

To receive more such fabulous style tips , please reach out to Celine Lamour at My French Elegance.

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