Wardrobe Detox Elegance

Wardrobe detox is needed when you are in a mode when every piece you pick from your closet appears inappropriate no matter what the occasion might be. Our personal Stylist and Image Consultant Celine Lamour will help you get over this conundrum!


We will interview you in our first meeting and then assess your apparel collection, accessories, footwear as well as your lifestyle requirements. Together, we will create new and effortless looks for you based on our styling expertise and your everyday needs.



We will also advise you on tips on how to enhance your silhouette based on season, your complexion, your body shape, your personal and professional requirements, your personality, your taste, and your expectations.


You will learn through our styling guidance, on 'how to shop in your own closet', mix and match pieces that you already own, reconsider neglected clothes, discover treasures, accessorize your outfits and come up with completely new looks using your own clothes.

- 4h Wardrobe Elegance: HKD 6.200

Women Wardrobe Detox Elegance Package includes:

  • Introduction Personal Style Questionnaire

  • Colour Analysis -and Identification including examples

  • Body type Analysis and discovery

  • Wardrobe Detox

  • Styling Tips

  • Mix and Match clothing pieces

  • Personal Style Report

(*Shopping fees not included)